If you are unable to fund the cost of hiring an attorney to represent you and manage your entire case, we provide "unbundled" legal services.  Unbundled legal services can be described as specific, limited legal representation to address part of a case.  We will guide the client through the limited legal process or perform a particular task for a client who otherwise handles their case on their own. 

We provide a number of discrete tasks such as:
  • Legal advice and strategizing for the case.
  • Advice and planning for mediation and arbitration.
  • Evaluation of the case and advising about legal rights.
  • Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents.
  • Reviewing correspondence and court documents.
  • Doing legal resesarch and analysis.
  • Planning for court appearances.
  • Representation at a hearing.

If hired to provide unbundled services, we will charge just to perform a particular task, rather than charging a fee for management of the entire case.  Unbundling can be an affordable option to get skilled and limited legal assistance.

The practice of unbundling is not apprpriate for every client or every legal problem.  There are clearly some matters that are not good candidates for unbundling, such as a complex child custody case or high asset divore case.   

If you need a particular task completed in a divorce or family law matter or want to discuss whether unbundled services are appropriate for your case, please contact us at ​ (907) 201-0897 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can assit you.