Lindsey Dupuis' work is outstanding and I appreciate all that she did to help me through an unfortunate time in my life. I was always so glad for her upbeat personality and ever smiling face. I was always at ease in the courtroom and after every time she and I talked. There was never a time that I had to fret because I knew that she was on her game. She always knew exactly what she was talking about and explained everything to me in great detail.  I would definitely refer her.
I hired Lindsey Dupuis for a Motion to Modify Custody. The consultation went great! I made the decision to hire. Lindsey was very professional and helpful. She answered any questions I had and any process information I needed to know. Lindsey was very helpful and understanding of my situation. I got the results I was looking for and won my case for a modification to custody! I can't thank Lindsey enough! I feel like I can take a breath now and know my children are safe. The stress of the court was definitely relieved having Lindsey there to lead and guide me through the process. I could not have done this without her. I would highly recommend her to anyone, with such important issues involved, its important to have someone as professional and understanding as Lindsey. Highly recommended! Thank you Lindsey! Thank you!
She really cares about your problems.  She works with you and makes sure she does the best she can by you.  If you have problems in your life she will work with you to make sure that you have proper representation.  When she goes to the courtroom she is very professional.  She's very good at what she does. I hired her for a custody issue and I have never regretted hiring her one time.
-Child Custody Client.
Lindsey Dupuis is a very good lawyer that knows what she's doing and will fight for you in the courtroom.  She will give you great advice and will work with you. I've had Lindsey as my lawyer for the last three years and I have always felt like I had a winning lawyer that would do anything she could to fight for me.  She is the best lawyer I have found in the State of Alaska. Whatever you need her for, you can feel relaxed in hiring Lindsey Dupuis. 
-John G.