Do you have legal problems, but are unsure how to resolve them? Do you have specific legal questions and need an hour of a lawyer's time to get them answered?  Need advice on how to best protect yourself in a divorce, custody or family law case?   

Schedule a consultation and we will provide legal advice on exactly what your needs are, the best place to get started, and a plan on what we can do for you.  We will help you evaluate one particular issue or offer recommendations on how best to move forward to meet your overall objectives.  

Why do I need a consultation with a lawyer?
Whether you are thinking of separating from your spouse, recently served with divorce or custody papers, or are unsure on where to start, talking to a lawyer can help.  Choosing the best course of action  based on your particular situation from the start can help you reach your goal more efficiently, saving you time and money.  

What happens during a consultation?
During this meeting, we will discuss your particular situation, your overall goals, the particular laws that apply to your situation, and how you should handle a particular legal problem and other legal issues or dilemmas.  You will get advice specific to your circumstances and will come away from the consultation with an action plan of what we can do to help you resolve your legal problems.  We will provide as much specificity and practical advice as we can with the information you provide and as many resources as we can to help you with your particular situation.   
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